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27/12/2014 19:49 CET :: darkjavier Hi! It's me again.

I'k thinking about the possibility of merging tags, the least tagged into the most tagged would be like this:

Grind into grindcore
goregrind into grindcore
hip hop into Hip-Hop
black metal into metal
death metal into metal
orchestra into orchestral

that's all by now, thanks again for your job :D
27/12/2014 20:06 CET :: darkjavier Well I just saw that black metal is separated intentionally because of the %.
And I also checked all the tags and r&b could be into rnb.
Just keep the best sorting procedure :P
27/12/2014 20:21 CET :: Marbug Hi darkjavier,

Hehe, I was so fast I almost didn't saw your reply, and yes indeed it's because of the % :-).

For the rest, it is more or less already happening, though it is a fully automated system. I thought that hip hop should be merged into Hip-Hop, but I think it doesn't. Maybe I'll review the algorithm so it will do a better job :-).

No problem, thank you for using and for the don. :D
27/12/2014 20:40 CET :: darkjavier That would be nice if they either automatically or manually merge ^^

Your welcome :)
27/12/2014 21:38 CET :: Marbug you can merge it manually, or bring them forward in your preference page at the bottom ;-)
27/12/2014 21:41 CET :: Marbug You can bring forward merged tags, but you can't merge them yourself. I'll see that I'll add that feature too in the future :-)
09/01/2014 15:51 CET :: darkjavier Hi there!
I just noticed that since the last update, my overall tag chart is stuck in last update, the thing is that it refreshes with all the ther filters. Is it a bug or is it intented to be stuck when the chart is full?

Thanks for your time! I'm a big fan :D
09/01/2014 20:51 CET :: Marbug Hi!

I checked, and finally found out it was a caching problem. Just removed the caching for profiles and everything showed up like it needed to be! :-)

Héhé glad to know I have some (big) fans out there! :-)
09/01/2014 22:20 CET :: darkjavier Works now, thanks a lot! ^.^
03/09/2013 17:38 CET :: KhanVarilan Hi, thanks for great app.
I was wondering if merging is entirely automated (by single-word comparison) or it is possible for admin to manually merge two tags. Specifically, NWOBHM should be merged with metal and other acronyms probably have the same problem (but i don't listen to other acronyms).
04/09/2013 17:52 CET :: Marbug Hi, Thanks :-)
The merging of tags is fully automated yes, it's based on word-comparison, but also on the occurrence count etc. I could eventually see if tags would be merged by admin later. Maybe same thing as bringing tags up front and excluding tags. Though, I need to look first if it's possible on an easy way.
31/08/2013 14:12 CET :: evertonstz The possibility of changes the background img, the colors and the font would be nice.
01/09/2013 14:43 CET :: Marbug I will keep this in mind, and will add this suggestion in the future.
I don't have much time lately, but it will come! :-)
15/08/2014 16:31 CET :: Marbug Hi there, if you will ever read this ;-).
I have implemented this so you can chose from a template in your configuration. Though, I will still need to update the website for it and the templates needs to be made. Once I received the templates, I'll make some tests to see that everything still works after it I'll update the website!
The font can't be changed ATM, but maybe I'll add that option too in the future.
08/04/2013 10:51 CET :: ainosilva hello! i'm here just to make a suggestion... what if you allow user choose themes?
i can give some css for the tables, very simple ^^
08/04/2013 13:35 CET :: Marbug Hi!

That would be a nice idea, though there is also quite some inline css, but I could move some or most maybe to a css.

Did you already made something in css?
Or the css which is present, does it has enough classes and id's for what you want to do? because the tagtable doesn't has any css.

Maybe it would be easier if I would first move as much as possible inline css to the css file, so you can edit that file
26/03/2013 03:28 CET :: musicmusic Hi, would it be possible to implement a feature that allows the user to manipulate the consolidation of genres? for example -- separating post-rock from the consolidated rock tag. A tag exclusion feature would also be helpful (for example, excluding the seen live tag), thanks!
26/03/2013 07:48 CET :: Marbug I think that should be no problem. Though it could maybe take a while for me to implement it.

Just to be sure: In your preferences you can highlight a merged tag like 'Melodic Death Metal' in 'metal' so it can be viewed directly on the first table?

I suggest that the option can only be set by the person and for his own profile ?
26/03/2013 07:50 CET :: Marbug Almost forgot a part from your request ;).

Also adding something to your preferences where you can hide tags like 'under 2000 listeners'?
29/03/2013 04:04 CET :: musicmusic Yes, I'm aware that I can view the merged tags in the table.
Yes, only by the person and for his profile.
Yes, I'd like to hide such tags since they're not genres.
Thanks again
14/04/2013 14:54 CET :: Marbug I just updated, and like you can see in the news item, the exclusion tag section has being added.

When you authenticate with you can see it in your profile ;).
18/04/2013 10:58 CET :: musicmusic Yeah, thanks, I'm already using it.
How's the other feature going btw?
18/04/2013 17:25 CET :: Marbug I completely forgot about the other feature:
Setting the merged tag like post-rock which is automatically merged into rock in the first tagtable.

I will need time to think about how I could implement it, but I think it will be possible. Though, I still got a lot of other things beside this project, so it could also take a while.

Thanks for reminding me!
20/04/2013 07:59 CET :: musicmusic Don't worry, take your time.
28/04/2013 14:11 CET :: Marbug I just made the update, you can find it in your preferences now :)
02/05/2013 05:16 CET :: musicmusic Thanks for the update.
If I want the change to reflect only on my profile, I'll just have to leave the checkbox blank right?
02/05/2013 06:42 CET :: Marbug 'For all users' checkbox? yes
but even if you check it it won't take any effect yet on all other profiles. I want first to see how correct people set that option. I will probably use that in the future to hide or bring tags in front which will need it, like the 'under 2000 listeners' or something.
24/02/2013 23:24 CET :: Ataraxiainc Hello again.

I wish to know if is posible get data from the users in your db writing a tag.

Example. I like to get all the information of the tag "other Genres" (the overall %) from the users, Not all the list of tags and the percentages, Only the information you have about the tag "other Genres" (for example). A interface for search all the info tipping a tag. I dont know If it will be complicated.
24/02/2013 23:54 CET :: Marbug Hi there,

Let me see if I'm getting what you want to say:
Do you want to mean that every tag can have it's page, just like a page for a user, that you can see the percentages for, lets say, the top 50 users for that tag?

Or do you want to mean if all the tags hidden behind "other Genres" can also be shown?
26/02/2013 01:35 CET :: Ataraxiainc I like a interface where I type: User and determinated tag (Your tags only) And I get The percentage of that tag based in the user taste. I think is Easy but I am not sure If is a good Idea for you.

26/02/2013 23:44 CET :: Marbug I'm not sure that this update includes what you want to mean.
Though it was a very nice idea I got out of it, if it wasn't what you suggested.
Now when you are on a profile page, you are able to click on a genre which has merged tags from your artists.
But the tags hidden behind "other Genres" (other category) aren't possible to get anymore as they are thrown away to preserve space for more valuable data. If I will increase the limit (=500 now) for the top tags (those are the most used tags) we could see, it will reduce the "Other category", but it will increase the used space a lot. Maybe I could see in the future on changing that value to a more optimal if increasing it would have any benefit on reducing the "other category" and reducing the used space.
27/02/2013 02:28 CET :: Ataraxiainc Not trying to find New Artists. is only to show you your% of taste of ANY GENRE in you DB. As in the image profile but only the genre required.
27/02/2013 22:46 CET :: Marbug I'm sorry, but I really have a hard time comprehending what you are trying to suggest
28/02/2013 02:31 CET :: Ataraxiainc Haha Ok Is my fault. Sorry. Great Work!
28/02/2013 07:53 CET :: Marbug Thanks anyways ;).
Though I got a great idea out of it as you can see the changes on the genres of your profile in my last update :)
01/03/2013 03:19 CET :: Ataraxiainc OK. And I insert you bbcode in my BBCODE for my game inside the final stats.
02/03/2013 16:04 CET :: Marbug I don't understaind what that is. But anyway, I made a new update, and I think I might have added what you suggested here on the users tab.
04/03/2013 01:37 CET :: Ataraxiainc Thanks!
18/02/2013 23:57 CET :: DarkMage530 Would it be possible to adjust the frequency for updates? I see in the news that you made the 'update frequency' a variable based on number of artists and the percentage of change. That makes sense to an extent. When I look at my account I got an update yesterday on the 17th after waiting a month since January 11th and my next update is March 26th. I liked having updates every week even if there wasn't any major changes to the charts. I don't want to wait over a month for each update. There is no real incentive to use this tool anymore with a 37 day wait. I understand if you there is some kind of bottleneck in the system and you can't compute that often but if there isn't, it just seems kind of silly.
19/02/2013 08:16 CET :: Marbug I already thought earlier for adding an option in the profile for when you are authenticated with so you could chose multiple options for the frequency timespan (a multiplier) of the updates yourself. I will think about it how I'll implement it, the next release will have this option! (I cannot say when I'll have the time for adding this new feature, but it will be before your next update ;))

There is indeed some bottleneck, but I do want to give the users a high configurability. And it is not that everyone wants to set that option.

I will probably add an option to multiply/divide the calculated timespan between the updates, maybe with:
/5, /4, /3, /2, *2, *3, *4, *5 with a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 3 months. (on every option, the calculated timespan date will be shown, so it will be easy to see howmany days it would take for the next update.)
19/02/2013 23:47 CET :: Marbug I have made the new changes, probably tomorrow I'll update the live server.
08/03/2013 06:16 CET :: DarkMage530 Excellent! I authenticated and modified the update ratio to something I'd prefer more. I hope it doesn't add to much strain to your system. Thanks so much for the updates. I also see the change you did with the combined genre tags. That is pretty cool! Keep up the great work! :)
08/03/2013 10:00 CET :: Marbug It won't make an overhead just automatically reducing the user limit as there would be more profile updates needed.

I got the idea from Ataraxiainc for the genres/tags. The data was present in the database, but I never thought earlier about it, and it was a great idea indeed!

Thanks I will! I am really proud how this project turned out :)
21/09/2012 18:30 CET :: [Deleted] Needs mooore unichorns!!!
10/06/2010 14:11 CET :: Marbug If you got any suggestion you can post it here.
Please make a new post for a new suggestion.
And if you have some comments on someone his suggestion, just post a reaction on it :)
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