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13/04/2015 10:57 CET :: beercosmetics Can't authenticate with my profile. Gifgrab with text of an error
13/04/2015 19:53 CET :: Marbug Thanks for letting me know this with a clear image/gif.
I'll try to fix it this evening. I'll keep you posted.
13/04/2015 21:34 CET :: Marbug I found the problem and fixed it, you can authenticate again :-).
I also saw that the given link was pointing at an old place too?
13/04/2015 22:30 CET :: beercosmetics Thank you, it works now! Not quite sure what did you mean with your last question.
14/04/2015 06:21 CET :: Marbug Ok good! The link to authenticate was wrong, it couldn't work as it pointed to a wrong location. But nvm the question ;-), it was probably only in my development environment then.
21/11/2014 19:19 CET :: witch_possessed doom metal is my most listened genre but it doesnt even appear in the list
22/11/2014 14:28 CET :: Marbug The doom metal tag is behind the metal tag.
If you wish to show it, you need to register an account an link the username to it. Afterwards you go to the preferences and scroll down till 'Profile options : tags up front'. Here you bring in doom metal. After saving it, you'll find the doom metal in the table. It will also appear in the image the next update.
23/12/2014 03:26 CET :: seyfer The same problem.
I'm add all metal tags to Profile options : tags up front preference, but after update it doesn't appear in widget.
25/12/2014 10:43 CET :: Marbug I never added that feature to the widget, I'll add it for the next update too
26/12/2014 09:51 CET :: seyfer thank you, it would be great!
27/12/2014 11:49 CET :: Marbug I've just updated, from now on the filter will also be on the widget :-)
01/09/2014 09:14 CET :: seyfer Only overall works correctly.
When choose another interval, there no correct data.

like -21 track per day and tags that i don't listen to.
01/09/2014 22:43 CET :: Marbug You are correct, there seems to be something off about the calculations. A while back I started to write some improved algorithm to generate the table, I'll check if there would be a fix so I'll continue on it, otherwise I'll search what else could be wrong.
04/09/2014 07:08 CET :: seyfer I will wait for fix, because i love
19/09/2014 04:00 CET :: seyfer Error still exist, i think error in date order direction.

When i'm choose 1 month, it shows not LAST month stat, but the first month, when i was registered to
You need fix direction to date from ASC to DESC, something like that.

Now overall shows most correct result, becouse in this case direction not important.
20/09/2014 10:23 CET :: Marbug I didn't had time yet to properly investigate. I hope to have some time next week to look at the problem as it needs to be fixed asap.
But thanks for the feedback, that information will surely help!
The calculations for the ranges are the same as for the overall, so it's a bit strange. Also the calculations arn't easy either as all the values are diffed at the time you want to watch the results in the table.
But I think there is a bad update of the artist playcount on the ranges as they can also decrease in playcount.
I'll give some feedback when I find something strange ;-)
20/09/2014 11:11 CET :: Marbug I've found out the artists which got removed from the ranged list fetched from didn't got removed from the database. Also if a playcount didn't changed the date didn't got updated into the last update, so that artist wasn't taken in the calculations for the genres/tags. So it seems there is something wrong in calculating the right records to update/remove the records in the database. I'm testing the changes, once when they seem to be more correct I'll check if the overall is still ok, because I have a feeling that there are some detail calculations which may be a bit off now.
20/09/2014 23:26 CET :: Marbug I made some changes to the saving of the artist count for a user on the ranges. Normally it shall be correct now, we'll just need to wait for the results to show up when the update happens. (Note that we'll need at leas an update to correct the current count, after that every update should show correct percentages) The previous data which is a bit off can't be changed anymore.
14/12/2014 10:04 CET :: seyfer Now it's better, but when select 1 o 3 month you still have bug with tracks per date count.
14/12/2014 10:05 CET :: seyfer Now it shows for me +900 per day, but 13 in stat only.
21/12/2014 00:56 CET :: Marbug Ah you mean in the image, it seems a bit odd indeed. When I get some free time, I'll check what could be going wrong. I'll keep you posted
24/12/2014 15:44 CET :: Marbug I found out that the table wasn't correct, negative values whern't shown. I corrected it for the next update. Tho I have a few things I want to fix/change and a few new features I want to add. So the update will be over a few days.
18/03/2014 13:43 CET :: soniclouis Hello
I have two problems:

1-There are more updated since March 13, 2014.
2-Tags that I excluded are not taken into account the small table I have on

19/03/2014 22:37 CET :: Marbug Hi!

1- I don't know what you mean by it, I can't see any problems with your updates.
2- As soon as I'll have some free time, I'll fix it :-).

20/03/2014 16:22 CET :: soniclouis Hi

1-the problem is: update 03/01,03/02, 03/04, 03/07, 03/09, 03/11, 03/13 It's OK
I thought that the next update would be on March 15 but it happened on March 20. There is one thing I do not understand.
2-Well, I expect
23/03/2014 10:52 CET :: Marbug Hi soniclouis,

1-You registred it slightly before 28 - 02 - 2014, right? In the beginning the updates are more frequently so the table will be filled, but the time between updates are variable and in function of several factors. That is why it took longer. Normally most have it around 25 days. Though you can manipulate it a bit with 'Multiplier (update interval)' in your profile options.
2-You need to check the 'In calculations' checkbox for it, so the tag won't be shown in the image.
23/03/2014 10:53 CET :: Marbug Also note that when you exclude tags, it will only be changed for the next update in the picture. The table will show the changes immediately.
23/03/2014 15:08 CET :: soniclouis Hi Marbug

1- yes, I registered 27. thank you for that clarification.
2-I checked "In Calculations" I could see in the next update if that changes anything.

02/01/2014 16:47 CET :: AdriaNnLa I'm sometimes getting an error when attempting to "save config" on my preferences.

Notice: Undefined index: last_fm_username in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/www/ on line 176

Preferences appear to save correctly anyway.

07/01/2014 19:26 CET :: Marbug Thanks for letting me know,
I made a change the notice won't be shown again in the next update :-).
25/02/2013 20:16 CET :: cranialeviscera It refuses to let me authenticate, giving me "The username you have set is not the same username as the account you want to authenticate with." even though I have it set correctly.
25/02/2013 20:28 CET :: Marbug That would be strange, are you sure you are logged in into with cranialeviscera? Maybe try to log out from and try it again?
25/02/2013 20:38 CET :: Marbug I think I might have found the problem, it seems it's case sensitive. I'll fix that in the next release. If you still want to authenticate, you may say something to me on , hi would be enough, I'll set you as authenticated when I'll see it :)
26/02/2013 23:28 CET :: Marbug I've updated the website, if it was a case sensitive problem than it should be fixed.
27/02/2013 00:36 CET :: cranialeviscera Thanks! I forgot to check back, but you can check my profile to confirm its me if you're suspicious, though.
27/02/2013 22:48 CET :: Marbug I see that you authenticated your account, so it was the case sensitivity problem :). And no problem, fixing problems is a priority ;).
03/11/2012 11:27 CET :: musicmusic Hi, i'm on
my tracks/per day are displaying inaccurately
my guess is your algorithm does not exclude imported plays for new users which resulted in a very inaccurate result, can you fix it? thanks
03/11/2012 22:26 CET :: Marbug hi, I'll look into that as I didn't knew about that functionality. I saw it indeed on some users, but I didn't knew why it happened.
Thanks for reporting it.
04/11/2012 16:41 CET :: Marbug I updated the website today, and this problem should be fixed now.
Of course, you need to wait till next update to see the changes.
23/03/2012 03:01 CET :: [Deleted] Does not work! It's been three updates, but my statistics are completely empty. What could it be?
20/06/2012 09:49 CET :: Marbug What is your username? It could be that I already solved that problem.

I could be normal that it happens on the first update, but three updates is not normal.

12/06/2010 04:54 CET :: [Deleted] most of the percentages disappeared
12/06/2010 07:19 CET :: Marbug It happened when I updated something. I added arrows now so you can see if the tag is going up or down. Those percentages will be back on the next update which will be this night or tomorrow for you.
12/06/2010 16:02 CET :: [Deleted] alright, cool. thanks dude
10/06/2010 14:08 CET :: Marbug If you find something wrong you can always post it here in a new post.