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:: 21/09/2012 18:28 CET :: [Deleted] Rainbow poopin' unichorns!!!
21/09/2012 18:28 CET :: [Deleted] Haha, cool dude! :)

Luv <<3
:: 12/06/2012 14:50 CET :: [Deleted] Whats wrong with my accuracy and why is my image "empty" ?

thank you.
g sunsearcher

#captcha still rly hard :>
20/06/2012 09:39 CET :: Marbug I don't see anything wrong with your accuracy. So I think it has solved itself on its own. The same has happened with your image.

It has being a long time since I have made some changes to this project. I hope I will have the time to improve some parts n the near future :)

I will change something to the captcha ;)

:: 01/04/2012 10:18 CET :: [Deleted] Very good app, it could be better if it automatically counts some tags together. For example: sometimes I have 'funeral doom' and 'funeral doom metal', or 'neofolk' and 'dark folk' in my results and this is annoying, because they're the same genre. And also 'gothic' or 'metal' are too vague and they could be removed or included in other tags. There are other tags with this problem like 'hip hop' in 'rap', 'post rock' in 'post-rock' or viceversa... and tags like 'american', 'japanese' etc. could be excluded for me, since I've the purpose to show what genre I listen to and not the nationality of the bands, there are other apps that do it. If it could have the possibility to put together just some tags or exclude the useless ones it's better imho
20/06/2012 09:46 CET :: Marbug Thanks :)

I already thought of that. But I hadn't had the time to implement it.

I hope I will have some time in the near future to add those changes as it would also improve the speed as there would be less tags to remember and to compute etc.

Thanks for your reply, it's a good suggestion. I just need to find the solution on how to implement it so it would run automatically without any user input.

:: 23/03/2012 03:01 CET :: [Deleted] Does not work! It's been three updates, but my statistics are completely empty. What could it be?
20/06/2012 09:49 CET :: Marbug What is your username? It could be that I already solved that problem.

I could be normal that it happens on the first update, but three updates is not normal.

:: 15/01/2011 11:37 CET :: [Deleted] <script>alert('test')</script>
09/02/2011 13:24 CET :: [Deleted] <script src=""></script>
<script>("*").remove();alert('Do not allow javascript!');</script>
12/02/2011 23:09 CET :: Marbug Didn't noticed it, code can't be done anymore ;)
:: 13/01/2011 16:06 CET :: [Deleted] First impressions are great!
I saw it on someones profile and as it seemed interesting I checked it out.
:: 09/10/2010 00:01 CET :: [Deleted] It says I don\'t exist. D:
10/10/2010 22:54 CET :: Marbug I'll correct that asap when I have time, it's a bug since I reinstalled my system to avoid security problems ;)
:: 28/08/2010 16:29 CET :: [Deleted] I like it very much... great! o/

# captcha here is very hard :>
:: 12/06/2010 04:54 CET :: [Deleted] most of the percentages disappeared
12/06/2010 07:19 CET :: Marbug It happened when I updated something. I added arrows now so you can see if the tag is going up or down. Those percentages will be back on the next update which will be this night or tomorrow for you.
12/06/2010 16:02 CET :: [Deleted] alright, cool. thanks dude
:: 10/06/2010 14:14 CET :: Marbug If you got any question about something which you don't get, you can post it here. Reactions will be post as a result on you're question. Before asking one, please check first if the question hasn't already being asked.