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:: 30/05/2014 01:12 CET :: DrSlump7 How do I exclude unwanted tags from my result?
31/05/2014 09:01 CET :: Marbug Hi!
You need to register and link the account in your preferences (Change profile/username). Once you've done that, you need to authenticate with to show you are the real user of the account, then you'll find the options at the bottom. (Profile options/Exclude tags)
:: 26/04/2014 05:48 CET :: chlldlntlme Hello, i have just one question. How often stats updates on my last fm page?
26/04/2014 15:23 CET :: Marbug Hi!
The image you place on will be updated together with the updates on your profile. Before you'll have 10 date columns it'll update faster, after that it can take on average 20~25 days for the next update. But if you prefer you can make it happen faster or slower with changing the multiplier in your profile options. (minimal 1 week, maximal 60 days)
On your profile you can also see when the next update will happen.
:: 18/03/2014 13:43 CET :: soniclouis Hello
I have two problems:

1-There are more updated since March 13, 2014.
2-Tags that I excluded are not taken into account the small table I have on

19/03/2014 22:37 CET :: Marbug Hi!

1- I don't know what you mean by it, I can't see any problems with your updates.
2- As soon as I'll have some free time, I'll fix it :-).

20/03/2014 16:22 CET :: soniclouis Hi

1-the problem is: update 03/01,03/02, 03/04, 03/07, 03/09, 03/11, 03/13 It's OK
I thought that the next update would be on March 15 but it happened on March 20. There is one thing I do not understand.
2-Well, I expect
23/03/2014 10:52 CET :: Marbug Hi soniclouis,

1-You registred it slightly before 28 - 02 - 2014, right? In the beginning the updates are more frequently so the table will be filled, but the time between updates are variable and in function of several factors. That is why it took longer. Normally most have it around 25 days. Though you can manipulate it a bit with 'Multiplier (update interval)' in your profile options.
2-You need to check the 'In calculations' checkbox for it, so the tag won't be shown in the image.
23/03/2014 10:53 CET :: Marbug Also note that when you exclude tags, it will only be changed for the next update in the picture. The table will show the changes immediately.
23/03/2014 15:08 CET :: soniclouis Hi Marbug

1- yes, I registered 27. thank you for that clarification.
2-I checked "In Calculations" I could see in the next update if that changes anything.

:: 28/02/2014 21:55 CET :: hue Hey,
I have the same problem as the user "soniclouis": the picture is just a little square marked:"The image is NOT on ⊪" and I can't copy the code.
Can anybody fix it?
06/03/2014 07:45 CET :: Marbug Hi!
This seems to be some strange case, but it seems it isn't the same as soniclouis as it solved itself before I could see it. 5 days ago you mentioned this and it still hasn't changed. I manually set your last updated time in the far past as it was empty. So normally next update round it will get updated.
The problem must have happened because maybe it couldn't retrieve any data from for some reason.
We will see what will happen now, otherwise I'll search for another solution.
20/03/2014 06:55 CET :: aldrignedigen I seem to have the very same problem. Could please check what's wrong? Thanks!
20/03/2014 06:55 CET :: aldrignedigen Could you*
20/03/2014 07:40 CET :: aldrignedigen It works!!! Hehe
20/03/2014 08:26 CET :: Marbug While making an account it needs some time to gather all the data, calculate and generate all the records ;-). Can be from a few tenth of a seconds to an extreme of 2 minutes.
:: 26/02/2014 23:08 CET :: soniclouis Hello
I registered today and for insantant the picture is just a little square and I marked:"The image is NOT on ⊪"
I have nothing loaded.
Is this normal?
26/02/2014 23:11 CET :: soniclouis I can not copy the code.
I can write by hand
26/02/2014 23:24 CET :: soniclouis It's OK!
27/02/2014 22:55 CET :: Marbug Glad it is ok! :-)
:: 02/02/2014 08:07 CET :: Eqlion It is absolutely awsome! Thank you for this great thing!
26/06/2014 07:54 CET :: Marbug Thanks, I appreciate it after all the work I've put into it in the past :-).
:: 09/01/2014 15:51 CET :: darkjavier Hi there!
I just noticed that since the last update, my overall tag chart is stuck in last update, the thing is that it refreshes with all the ther filters. Is it a bug or is it intented to be stuck when the chart is full?

Thanks for your time! I'm a big fan :D
09/01/2014 20:51 CET :: Marbug Hi!

I checked, and finally found out it was a caching problem. Just removed the caching for profiles and everything showed up like it needed to be! :-)

Héhé glad to know I have some (big) fans out there! :-)
09/01/2014 22:20 CET :: darkjavier Works now, thanks a lot! ^.^
:: 02/01/2014 16:47 CET :: AdriaNnLa I'm sometimes getting an error when attempting to "save config" on my preferences.

Notice: Undefined index: last_fm_username in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/www/ on line 176

Preferences appear to save correctly anyway.

07/01/2014 19:26 CET :: Marbug Thanks for letting me know,
I made a change the notice won't be shown again in the next update :-).
:: 19/10/2013 12:08 CET :: Ataraxiainc I Like the "New users Tree". And In general Thanks for your Stats!
:: 03/09/2013 17:38 CET :: KhanVarilan Hi, thanks for great app.
I was wondering if merging is entirely automated (by single-word comparison) or it is possible for admin to manually merge two tags. Specifically, NWOBHM should be merged with metal and other acronyms probably have the same problem (but i don't listen to other acronyms).
04/09/2013 17:52 CET :: Marbug Hi, Thanks :-)
The merging of tags is fully automated yes, it's based on word-comparison, but also on the occurrence count etc. I could eventually see if tags would be merged by admin later. Maybe same thing as bringing tags up front and excluding tags. Though, I need to look first if it's possible on an easy way.