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:: 04/09/2015 16:47 CET :: darkjavier As is changing its web domain, I came back here to see how are my genres going, but every day I log in I see that my tags will be in the next... not found update :'(

Are you going to keep this up? pleaseeeee ^^' at least in this page, I would be visiting it even on purpose, it was my favourite sidebar app xD
05/09/2015 09:29 CET :: Marbug Although I didn't used it a lot, I was a bit disappointed when I found out they changed their website. Since the change, it doesn't update anymore as I will need to change some algorithms for fetching some parts needed to calculate the data :(

But you may be sure that I will keep this up anyways! It could take a while before I would have enough time to adapt and test the scripts for their new site. I also saw that they removed the sidebar, and it was quite important as it was a way to get new users and user visits. If they would add the sidebar again, I'll try to make the new changes ASAP ^^. But before that it would depend on how many activity would still be left.

The new site is still in beta mode so I want to wait a bit or hope that their beta-status would be over. And if this means the sidebar would be added in the future, some other features can be changed too.

Anyway, when I have some more time I can already check what needs to change so I know how much time I'll need to make the changes. And if you know something about the sidebar, or if they wouldn't change anything you may always let me know! ^^

Thanks for being a trusted user, it's good to know that people still wants this :)
:: 13/04/2015 10:57 CET :: beercosmetics Can't authenticate with my profile. Gifgrab with text of an error
13/04/2015 19:53 CET :: Marbug Thanks for letting me know this with a clear image/gif.
I'll try to fix it this evening. I'll keep you posted.
13/04/2015 21:34 CET :: Marbug I found the problem and fixed it, you can authenticate again :-).
I also saw that the given link was pointing at an old place too?
13/04/2015 22:30 CET :: beercosmetics Thank you, it works now! Not quite sure what did you mean with your last question.
14/04/2015 06:21 CET :: Marbug Ok good! The link to authenticate was wrong, it couldn't work as it pointed to a wrong location. But nvm the question ;-), it was probably only in my development environment then.
:: 18/03/2015 19:05 CET :: rahvakunstnik WTF?! CAN'T COPY BBCODE! :@
Browser: Firefox 33.1.1
18/03/2015 21:29 CET :: Marbug Hi, first time I heard about not able to copy from the box, didn't knew it wasn't possible in Firefox. Anyway, I added a button to copy the ubb code without the need to select it. Lazy people would be happy :-)
:: 15/03/2015 12:12 CET :: montmn "The image is NOT on". I don't understand why. The code is correct. I'm registered & authenticated... yet no image. Do I need to wait until my next scheduled update (which is next month) for the image to appear?
15/03/2015 17:40 CET :: Marbug Hi montmn,
When I watch your profile on, I can't seem to see the widget (the image).
Did you copied the following ubb code from the grey box?



After you added the ubb code to "about me" on, then the updater will see it, and you'll see at the top right that it will show: "The image is on your profile" instead of "The image is NOT on"
15/03/2015 17:41 CET :: Marbug I forgot that the ubb code for images also works here :-)
Anyway the following without the spaced between the tags:

[ url=]
[ img][/img]
15/03/2015 18:56 CET :: montmn Hmmm, I thought I had the code in correctly, but I guess I didn't. My mistake. I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. This is a great little application.
:: 27/12/2014 19:49 CET :: darkjavier Hi! It's me again.

I'k thinking about the possibility of merging tags, the least tagged into the most tagged would be like this:

Grind into grindcore
goregrind into grindcore
hip hop into Hip-Hop
black metal into metal
death metal into metal
orchestra into orchestral

that's all by now, thanks again for your job :D
27/12/2014 20:06 CET :: darkjavier Well I just saw that black metal is separated intentionally because of the %.
And I also checked all the tags and r&b could be into rnb.
Just keep the best sorting procedure :P
27/12/2014 20:21 CET :: Marbug Hi darkjavier,

Hehe, I was so fast I almost didn't saw your reply, and yes indeed it's because of the % :-).

For the rest, it is more or less already happening, though it is a fully automated system. I thought that hip hop should be merged into Hip-Hop, but I think it doesn't. Maybe I'll review the algorithm so it will do a better job :-).

No problem, thank you for using and for the don. :D
27/12/2014 20:40 CET :: darkjavier That would be nice if they either automatically or manually merge ^^

Your welcome :)
27/12/2014 21:38 CET :: Marbug you can merge it manually, or bring them forward in your preference page at the bottom ;-)
27/12/2014 21:41 CET :: Marbug You can bring forward merged tags, but you can't merge them yourself. I'll see that I'll add that feature too in the future :-)
:: 21/11/2014 19:19 CET :: witch_possessed doom metal is my most listened genre but it doesnt even appear in the list
22/11/2014 14:28 CET :: Marbug The doom metal tag is behind the metal tag.
If you wish to show it, you need to register an account an link the username to it. Afterwards you go to the preferences and scroll down till 'Profile options : tags up front'. Here you bring in doom metal. After saving it, you'll find the doom metal in the table. It will also appear in the image the next update.
23/12/2014 03:26 CET :: seyfer The same problem.
I'm add all metal tags to Profile options : tags up front preference, but after update it doesn't appear in widget.
25/12/2014 10:43 CET :: Marbug I never added that feature to the widget, I'll add it for the next update too
26/12/2014 09:51 CET :: seyfer thank you, it would be great!
27/12/2014 11:49 CET :: Marbug I've just updated, from now on the filter will also be on the widget :-)
:: 01/09/2014 09:14 CET :: seyfer Only overall works correctly.
When choose another interval, there no correct data.

like -21 track per day and tags that i don't listen to.
01/09/2014 22:43 CET :: Marbug You are correct, there seems to be something off about the calculations. A while back I started to write some improved algorithm to generate the table, I'll check if there would be a fix so I'll continue on it, otherwise I'll search what else could be wrong.
04/09/2014 07:08 CET :: seyfer I will wait for fix, because i love
19/09/2014 04:00 CET :: seyfer Error still exist, i think error in date order direction.

When i'm choose 1 month, it shows not LAST month stat, but the first month, when i was registered to
You need fix direction to date from ASC to DESC, something like that.

Now overall shows most correct result, becouse in this case direction not important.
20/09/2014 10:23 CET :: Marbug I didn't had time yet to properly investigate. I hope to have some time next week to look at the problem as it needs to be fixed asap.
But thanks for the feedback, that information will surely help!
The calculations for the ranges are the same as for the overall, so it's a bit strange. Also the calculations arn't easy either as all the values are diffed at the time you want to watch the results in the table.
But I think there is a bad update of the artist playcount on the ranges as they can also decrease in playcount.
I'll give some feedback when I find something strange ;-)
20/09/2014 11:11 CET :: Marbug I've found out the artists which got removed from the ranged list fetched from didn't got removed from the database. Also if a playcount didn't changed the date didn't got updated into the last update, so that artist wasn't taken in the calculations for the genres/tags. So it seems there is something wrong in calculating the right records to update/remove the records in the database. I'm testing the changes, once when they seem to be more correct I'll check if the overall is still ok, because I have a feeling that there are some detail calculations which may be a bit off now.
20/09/2014 23:26 CET :: Marbug I made some changes to the saving of the artist count for a user on the ranges. Normally it shall be correct now, we'll just need to wait for the results to show up when the update happens. (Note that we'll need at leas an update to correct the current count, after that every update should show correct percentages) The previous data which is a bit off can't be changed anymore.
14/12/2014 10:04 CET :: seyfer Now it's better, but when select 1 o 3 month you still have bug with tracks per date count.
14/12/2014 10:05 CET :: seyfer Now it shows for me +900 per day, but 13 in stat only.
21/12/2014 00:56 CET :: Marbug Ah you mean in the image, it seems a bit odd indeed. When I get some free time, I'll check what could be going wrong. I'll keep you posted
24/12/2014 15:44 CET :: Marbug I found out that the table wasn't correct, negative values whern't shown. I corrected it for the next update. Tho I have a few things I want to fix/change and a few new features I want to add. So the update will be over a few days.
:: 10/08/2014 22:25 CET :: FS1NG Why is Black Metal listed seperately from Metal? Just wondering, it's a bit odd and it messes up the stats a bit.
11/08/2014 21:26 CET :: Marbug It is because Black Metal isn't such a rare tag in comparison to Metal. Only tags are merged which looks the same and are in weight low enough.
For example:
if Black Metal has only 5% of the tags, and Metal 95%, then it will be merged.
In the other case, if Black metal is 35% and Metal will be 65% they won't be merged and will be seen as 2 separate tags.
Those are all calculated, and weighted, the amount of tags which could be merged are also taken into account. Those tags are calculated and merged on all the average over all users and all the existing tags.
:: 21/06/2014 04:38 CET :: DrSlump7 I've tried to exclude unwanted tags from my result, but it is no good. It's always the same result. What am I doing wrong?
24/06/2014 23:46 CET :: DrSlump7 It works now. Thank you for your efficient widget! :)
26/06/2014 07:52 CET :: Marbug Hi! Glad it works as I didn't found the time to look at the problem right away :-).
Thank you! :-)
:: 17/06/2014 11:39 CET :: VladdaMeer 'I added an option for users which are registered and authenticated with You can find it under 'Profile options' in your preferences when logged in. That option will, as you see in the picture on the right, adding the tag changements as a value so you can see how much it really changes. The differences are always taken between the last known update which is to see in the 'Genres history table' at your right, and the oldest known update which is shown in the left column.'

I cannot find this option! I registered again but again I cannot find it. I want to have that in my profile (the tag changements as a value so I can see how much it really changes). Please, help me with detailed explanation how to get that kind of update.
18/06/2014 18:22 CET :: Marbug Hi ValaddaMeer,
You are registered on this website, in the right top of the website you will see Welcome.. if you are logged in, 3 lines underneath you have a button named "Authenticate with". Klik on that link and follow the instructions to authenticate your account with the one on
After you are authenticated, you go to Preferences and in the section 'Profile options', you need to check the first option. The following update, you'll see that the differences will also be shown.
Greetings and enjoy!