29-03-2015 The amount of historical records you can have, is made variable. An extra option in preferences has being added so you can choose howmany records (updates) you want to keep.
The same has being done for the minimal percentage a tag must have: if the percentage is under the value being set, the amount will be added to 'Other category'.

The range which can be set will be extended if the widget (image) is on your Authenticating and adding a verified e-mail will also increase the limit a bit. And for people who donated, the limit will be much higher.
16-03-2015 It is possible to receive an e-mail with the reactions when you post something on Feedback. For this to work, you can just add and an e-mail adress in your preferences. After validating your e-mail, you will receive an e-mail whenever someone replies in a thread. In the future this same e-mail can be used for resetting your password.
26-12-2014 I added the possibility to choose the color layout of the widget. If you want to change it, you go to your profile and there you can choose which one you want to have.
In case you have another color in your thoughts, you may always suggest one on the suggestion section in the feedback.

A while back I also added the possibility to bring tags up front or to hide some specific tags, the filter wasn't yet added to the widget, so this has being fixed too.
23-10-2014 I made some further change that the user limit is in function of the thread which uses the most time (image-update, prefetch-update-user or user-udpate). The thread which takes the most time will determine the maximum of users that will be set. The reason behind is that I made an optimalisation a month ago that the user-update will go much faster: from an efficiency of less than a percent to around 10%. This got the user-update thread faster than the prefetch thread which on it's turn made the capable user capacity around 10 times higher.
26-08-2014 Max users are now in function of the user update usage.
16-08-2014 There has being made some optimalisations in the update procedure, so it's possible that a large update will take slightly less time. Also the updat of the images has being splitted off the main update thread, a seperate thread will be used to update all the images.
There is also a new section in the preferences where in the future it will be possible to select a template for the generated image.
26-04-2014 Made some changes to collect some user information much faster so no caching is needed due to very slow/heavy queries. Also gathering the averages of all tags and store them in the database instead of gathering all the information and cache it.
28-04-2013 Do you see a tag which is merged, but you want to see it on your front tag table on your profile? Or a tag is merged which shouldn't be?
Well this update has a new feature beside exclusing tags. It works the same as excluding a tag, but with this update you have a 'show-merged-tag-in-front'. This option is also in your preferences, now under 'Bring tags forward'. With this option you can get merged tags in front, this means the first tagtable of your profile.
14-04-2013 A month ago I started tracking of new users to see who is the source for the new user. Meanwhile it's also used to change the priority for deleting inactive existing users, how more new users throug an existing user, how lower the existing user his priority will be before he'll gets deleted on inactivity. A week later or so I really added the tree so you could see and even track it.
This update contains a new feature for when you are authenticated with You can find it in the section of the profile options in your preferences. This option will give you the ability to excluse tags from your tagtable and even completely exclude them by setting the option 'In calculations'. For example if you don't want to see the tag 'under 2000 listeners' in your image or tagtable you can add it there. If you'll check the 'In calculations' option, and you remove the exclusion, you won't see the tag till the next update.
02-03-2013 Now it is possible to klick on a genre in the genres timetable, and the merged genres are shown on the next page. The number between the parentheses are how many tags are merged in the the current genre.
Underneath of the users statistics page, I added a table where the overall of all the users their average genres from last update are shown. Here the same applies as a user profile tagtable. When you click on the genre, all the tags merged into that genre are shown.
20-02-2013 When you are authenticated with, it's now also possible to change the update interval with a factor in your preferences.
03-02-2013 I added an option for users which are registered and authenticated with You can find it under 'Profile options' in your preferences when logged in. That option will, as you see in the picture on the right, adding the tag changements as a value so you can see howmuch it really changes. The differences are always taken between the last known update which is to see in the 'Genres history table' at your right, and the oldest known update which is shown in the left column.
11-01-2013 The update interval has being made variable. How more artists you have and how lower the artist spread will be, how longer it will take for the next update. This has being done because the percentages changes more if you have less artists, or you listen to a greater varietey of artists.
22-12-2012 There was a bug on the overall range which gave 100% Other genres in the image and no column on the updated day in the table. This should be solved now. It occured only when the user had more playcounts on all the artists, but announced a lower playcount. I used it to clear the data from the table, so if a user deleted artists in, or just specific numbers the calculated genres would be corrected too.
16-12-2012 The last changements to the layout have being done as you see.. there is finally a header :D. And the image you can place wherever you want (like on got a fine look too. I would thank Anke Suys for the design of the website, as she did a really nice job!
Also check your copied code on as from of october 2012 the link has changed! For now the old link is still working, but that could change in the future.
I will try to watch the Feedback as many as I can, and I'll do my best to follow it up. So maybe it will be nice if you leave something behind for me to check ;). And may I not forget to remember you to check the donation page, as it would make me very happy if my hard working, and many many many houres work on this project will pay off a bit :).
04-11-2012 The tracks/day took it's calculation from the date you registered with But if you imported songs, the tracks/day was much higher than it supposed to be. Now the tracks/day displayed are the tracks/day calculated between the currect and the previous update.
I also added the register page, now it's possible to register yourself and authenticate the account with your account. No one can link your username to their account, because you can authenticate after you login (Requires the 'Remember me' to be checked). When you want to post something on the forum, you need to be registered now. And because of that I couldn't keep the posters name of the previous threads/reactions. But if you register, I'll link the reactions to your account, as I kept them seperated. So I still know who posted what. Also if your nickname is set, the profilepage on here will be linked behind the accounts names when you post something.
21-10-2012 The ascending and descending arrows are also updated in the table. Only the top-5 of the rising tags have a green arrow. It is all the same for the descending tags, but then in red. The image has almost the same setting, only that there are now 5 arrows in total. The 5 arrows includes the best of the ascending and descending ones together. Only the highest absolute value will be used for those arrows.
20-10-2012 I managed to highlight only the most important percentages on the changes of the genres. This way it is more easily to see which are ascending or descending the most. The descending genres are red and green is used for ascending ones, like they have always been. I only made the color a bit lighter.
28-9-2012 I found a way to improve the calculation accuracy of the tags for every range. This percentage viewable is only that of the overall range. The reason for that is that only gived your total playcount and not the playcount for the selected range. This makes it impossible to get any percentage for other pages than for the overall one. But what I can say for sure, is that how smaller the range, how higher the accuracy will be. I also added the last months statistics, which is mostly 100% accurate. The only reason why it won't be 100% could be because you are listening to more than 500 artists for the last month. The 500 limit will also be for the other ranges, so if a range has more than 500 artists, the accuracy will drop.
The artist spread is also set and defined, for this it won't change anymore and it will stay as a percentage.
6-9-2012 Changed some little things, and changed the structure of the whole database. The tags are corrected (eg: there are almost 900 different metal tags, most of them will be grouped in 1 genre: metal) imediately, even after the statistics have been generated.
Normally all bugs are gone, later updates of the statistics will be monthly instead of weekly.
Soon this won't be in BETA anymore, the layout of the site will also change completely.
21-6-2012 Genres of the same category will automatically merge. A few optimalisations are done, so updating will take much less time. A bug where you're playcount, tracks/day, artist spread is 0 on a certain update must now be solved.
28-6-2010 A filter has being added so you can see how everything changed the last 3/6/12 months. Overall was the only option before this, this means that 3 other interesting options have being added.
I also changed the artist spread, to something which makes more sence.
26-6-2010 There was an ugly bug which prevented, to add a new user. This has being corrected.
10-6-2010 Added Forum to the menu. There you can post suggestions, questions etc... I would be glad if you left something behind on Rate this app page. So I would know what people think about the application.
I made a correction to the artist spread too. It depended a bit on the calculation accuracy, that is corrected now.
9-6-2010 Artist spread was already added a few months ago. How higher it is how more variation you have between the artists you listen to. I also added a level, it is calculated using the artist spread, tracks/day and the playcount. The image got also updated, and I added arrows, so you can see if the genre is rising, decreasing or staying the same. This is also added on the page where you can view all you're tags.