I've put a lot of work into this project. And I'm doing my best to keep it working. If there is a bug, or changed something then I need to search for a solution as soon as possible to get everyone satisfied. Also, if you suggest something on the forum, I always look into it and see if I can make those changes, and that usually requires some time. To give me more motivation I would be really glad if I could get some donations for this project. I also have my domain to pay, a server to maintain, traffic that's being used... And of course, if you are donating you'll get a VIP status (If the amount is 1€ or more).

The VIP status aint much but it keeps you from being deleted. And do not forget, getting special care from me in function of the amount of the donation. And yes, I would be very happy even if aint much, like 1€ ;).

Since Bitcoin is rising lately, you can also make a donation with bitcoins :-).
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