This engine is written by Younes Ichiche.
As a crazy idea somewhere in the middle of my exams June 2009.
It was an original idea I had, and started without any resources or references from anywhere else except for last.fm.
This started as nothing more than an inspiration on doing something else while I was studying. Yes you can call me crazy ;).

From then, there where months I decided to improve it, or when I discovered some bugs I corrected them as fast as I could. Finally in the end of August 2012 I did find that the whole backend worked as a charm without any errors in the calculations or on how to get his data. So in September 2012 I rewrote the whole website to be published somewhere in the middle of November. By this I hope there won't be any miss-calculations and the results will be at their best!

I hope you'll all enjoy this little thing,
and lets all enjoy the music we are listening to at whatever time!
Wrote this while listening to Burma - Rocka :: Drum & Bass :)
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