genres generator

This tool will try to take all possible artists it can get from your profile. From this point it will also get all the tags linked to an artist.

First they will get manipulated to get better tags and the best will be selected. Those best tags are often the genres which describes the artists. Sum all the artists you are listening to together and you'll get a weighed list of genres which you are listening to. So basically a summary of your tags will be shown in the image and the differences between all the last 10 updates will be shown on your page.

Together with the tags you'll also get some extras like the playcount, tracks per day and the artist spread. The artist spread is a ratio set in a percentage: how higher the number is how more variation you have between the artists you are listening to.

All warmd up?

On your right, you see an image from a random user. If you want to make a likely image which will describe your genres and which can optionally be set on you're profile, or wherever you want, you can simply type your nickname in the box shown beneath and push "Make me one" to collect all the information. After the engine has collected all your information a page with a picture will be generated for you. A formatted code will also be given so you can use it on a website like

The process to generate your statistics will only take a few minutes. Every 10 days the image will get updated and your page will have an extra row (max 10 history dates) where you can see the difference between the previous updates.

Show or generate statistics for a user:

Please note: when a new account has been created it can take up to a few minutes for the statistics to be generated, so please be patient!

Random image

image for shadowtiger97 with range 3months
Total users: 9720 (20%), 6401 inactive
Users using the img on 2030 (20.88%)
Maximum users allowed/capable: 48600